General Administration for Self Resources


From the University's goals and noble mission Alalumblyp in the dissemination of culture, knowledge and awareness of cultural and scientific and technical support to various sectors of society through the university departments of scientific and is replete with elite faculty members for excellence in various disciplines and scientific capabilities developed in line and keep pace with the times technological age.

The League contributed to the development and rehabilitation of manpower and community service through the provision of programs and scientific services, training, research and consultancy for both private or public sector representative Bimadti Community Service and Continuing Education Centre for Research and Consultancy belief to the role of the university and its importance as a scientific education.

Owing to the expanding activities of the university in those areas was the decision of HE the Rector No. 12365 / s and the date of 21.09.1424 e approval of the (organization of activities self-financing in the university) and includes the establishment of the General Administration of self-financing work to do all the financial matters of inter-related programs and the development of appropriate organization and follow-up and automated to allow time and opportunity to the scientific views to concentrate their efforts in the development of new programs and academic centers of development and coordination of services in accordance with the aspirations of the university and its ambitions.

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