General Administration for Self Resources

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The Department is seeking public self-financing, King Abdulaziz University to pioneer in the use of methods and techniques of modern financial and administrative, (to set the goal and the organization and follow up on all his resources, self-relationship) of the University and make the most of them in the development of the educational process and university management. To achieve the management objectives and make it a reality, the Department of the self-financing (raising the efficiency of its employees through continuous training), and the adoption of their proposals and ideas, and provide the working environment and appropriate resources, and activating the principle of participation and effective contribution towards building a management team has led influential to ensure the effective application of the quality management according to the specification: (9001: 2008 lSO), obtained by the General Administration of self-financing her degree m on 27/6/2010. And abide by the General Administration of self-financing(periodic review of the objectives of quality) to ensure continuity and application development system
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