General Administration for Self Resources


• make greater use of new concepts to evaluate the performance such as total quality management and time management and restructuring where he practiced General Administration of self-financing responsibility through the general strategy of the university and avoid the negative effects of long and short-term and focus on developing performance to reach the degree of excellence as part of the general plan for the University of careful provide an opportunity for employees to attend training courses to develop their skills.

 • Work in coordination with the concerned authorities to increase the own resources of the University through the development proceeds possessions and endowments and marketing services and do research projects, studies and scientific services university focusing its efforts on the development of new programs and centers of excellence with respect to educational programs with self-funded to ensure meet the requirements and needs of the community programs and scientific research .

 • Events patterns process for the development of the University's resources and self devising ways to invest and raise the proportion of its participation in the financing of the university project in coordination with the relevant authorities and Basharkh stakeholders in the organization of activities to be funded from revenue-funded programs and self-classification and organization of financial expenditures for all programs of self-financing in line with the strategic plan the University to make the most of the revenues in the process of self-development of the educational process. 


Interaction between the university and the private sector with regard to educational programs with the resources and self-activating and scientific research programs and in accordance with the general frameworks for university policy through Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, and Research and Consulting Institute.

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