General Administration for Self Resources

Information Technology

* improve the quality of electronic services that help businesses related to financial and administrative domain in respect of the information.
* provide information processing services and management in order to achieve the following objectives:

-Providing consulting and technical studies for all sections of the Department

-Provide all possible means of hardware and software contribute to the completion and continuity of management transactions.
-Work on automating all the administrative and financial management.
-Providing software and hardware (in coordination with the Department of Contracts and Procurement and Deanship of Information Technology) necessary to enable all management modules to take advantage of the computer network and all the accessories.
-Create and develop a network of the Balladarh computer that serves all domain-level management of internal and external.
-Also keen and Information Technology Unit to prepare qualified cadres combines experience and efficiency on the one hand, and rehabilitation science on the other hand, the distribution of functions and business units within the administration. 

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